About Us

Vanelc is Born Out of Necessity

There are gaps in many of the disinfecting methods. We wishes to do our part to improve some of the disinfecting methods. It's also our personal mission and passion to keep our family, friends and vulnerable individuals safer during Covid-19


Strong team and partners in automated systems and microbiology

VACELC UV Sterilization solutions are developed based on the inputs and feedbacks from experts in their own fields. We go through merticulous steps to test, validate and ensure the UV Disinfecting System delivers.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to add sanitation to your life and belongings and provide quality UV-C light products to our customers at a competitive price. We add value by providing product buying resources and direct shipments direct to your door.

Our vision is to be a leader in the distribution of UVC-Light Sanitizer products and meet our customers’ needs throughout all stages of their life.

- Always improve
- Make a positive difference
- Openness and transparency
- Hire and help our employees to be the best
- Care about the vitality and success of every person