Commercial Solution

As a global leader in UVC LED disinfection, Vanelc launches an innovative one-stop solutions on the space disinfection in 2020. It’s a fast, effective, ozone-free sterilization solution that can be widely applied to the public space like classrooms, elevators, clinics, retail stores, workplaces, public toilets and catering services to create a safe environment.


The temporary shutdown or reduced operation of a building can create hazards for returning occupants, stated by CDC. Except for this, the highest risk from a meeting room is overcrowding, and it’s hard to be disinfected thoroughly due to frequent use.


Confined space like elevators could be easily contaminated during epidemic/flu period.  Huge population flow leads to contamination immediately even after disinfection. 


As more shops discover workers with suspected coronavirus diagnoses, apparently scrub the units from top to bottom cannot allay customer concerns. A more professional method must be adopted for the confined space like fitting room during epidemic or flu period. 


There is a large population flow in public toilets, especially much more germs after stool. So the risk of infection is higher when touching the door handle where correct hygiene is not adhered too. 


Automatic Space Sterilizer


2-in-1 design with 99.9% disinfection rate which is a professional sterilizer and also a LED lamp. Smart occupational radar sensor design to ensure safe use which ensure lighting when people come in, disinfection activated when people left. 


Automatic Elevator Button Sterilizer


Built-in smart occupational radar sensor, sterilization stops once people come in, and activated when people leave and this greatly reduce the labor consumption of manual repeated sanitization.


Automatic Door handle Sterilizer


Automatically disinfect the door handle after the single touch, designed for the door handles of office, conference room, restroom to avoid cross infection.


UVC LED sterilization is a more convenient, efficient, eco-friendly, cost-saving and quicker solution compared with traditional sanitization methods(alcohol, sanitizer, mercury lamp) which have harmful side effects like irritating human skin, potential fire hazard of improper operation, irritating human respiratory tract mucosa due to Chemical residue.


UVC Technology



"Fundamentally, I agree with the premise that UV has great potential for reducing COVID transmission," Dr. Edward A. Nardell, a professor of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School stated. Recently lots of research proved that UV-C light(wavelength at 260-280nm) is sensitive to Covid-19.


Global partners wanted


If you are a LED commercial lighting provider, project service provider or local market wholesaler,Vanelc solutions will bring you huge business opportunities. We are looking forward to cooperate with you, and setting up a bright future for both of us.