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Geek Chef Espresso Machine 20 Bar Coffee Maker with ESE POD Capsules Filter

Geek Chef Espresso Machine 20 Bar Coffee Maker with ESE POD Capsules Filter

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Why Choose Geek Chef Professional Espresso Machine:

  1. ESE POD FILTER FOR ALTERNATIVE BREWING WAYS - ESE Pod filter for a time-saving way of brewing. Using ESE Pods to make espresso in a short time. One pod for a cup, to relieve the cleansing hassule. Regular filter for coffee powder. Different brewing choices depend on your styles.
  2. 20 BAR PRESSURE FOR HIGHER QUALITY EXTRACTION - The espresso coffee machine is with a 20 bar high pressure pump that creates nice dense, maximizes the extraction of the coffee beans aroma and develop the quality of the natural oils.
  3. PROFESSIONAL MILK FROTHER STEAM WAND - A sleek, portable design and nice ability, creates smooth and dense foam in seconds. Making tiny bubbles for smoother, thicker foam for frothy cappuccinos and silky smooth lattes.
  4. FOR BEST TASTE - One cup of 30ml/1oz, about 7g/1 spoon powder, Two cups of 60ml/2oz, about 14g/2 spoons powder for the best concentration. A ESE POD for one cup of espresso.
  5. SATISFYING CUSTOMER SERVICE - All the Geek Chef Espresso Coffee Machines are covered with One-Year Warranty. We make efforts on offering satisfying customer services. Remember that we always stand by our customers and provide ideal solutions to the issues. We appreciate any conversations come to us about the coffee makers. We are always here for you.

6 StepsTo Get a Perfect Espresso:

  • Add water to water tank
  • Press the ON/OFFswitch to preheat
  • Add coffee grounds tothe filter and tamp
  • Install portafilter andmake sure that it'slocked in placo
  • Press the espresso button
  • Waiting for a moment, espresso is done


Q: Do I need to wash the filter and steam wand after each use?

A: Yes, they needs to be cleaned after used, to avoid any residue. They can be rinsed with water.

Q: What is the size of the portafilter?

A: It is 58mm.

Q: Are there any other accessories included?

A: You will get an espresso maker, two filters, a frother steamer wand, and a spoon powder.

Q: Why is the espresso coffee not hot enough?

A: The machine needs to preheat for about a minute and then press the buttons, it will be fine.

Geek Chef 20 Bar Espresso Machine ith ESE POD
  • 30-second Rapid Automatic Heating
  • Automatic stop ensures consistent coffee quality
  • Stainless Sturdy Design
  • 2 in 1 filter makes 2 shots of espresso at a time
  • Saves Space, Saves Time
  • Makes coffee at the touch of a button
  • A heated metallic plate keeps your cups warm
  • 1.5 liters of independent water tank, large capacity, easy to clean
  • Milk foaming precautions
  • The drip tray at the bottom of the espresso machine is easily adjusted or removed
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