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Vanelc 24K Gold Eye Patches, 30 Pairs Under Eye Mask for Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Vanelc 24K Gold Eye Patches, 30 Pairs Under Eye Mask for Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

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Acting as a lush fortress for the thinnest & most delicate area, these under eye patches helps soothe, rejuvenate & protect the skin around your gorgeous peepers.


  1. Perfect Gift - This Travel Size Pack is easy to carry out and perfect gift to give your family, friends and co-workers on their birthdays, holidays and other events.
  2. Removes Dark Circles & Fine Lines - Made with Collagen and other minerals present within this eye mask, stimulates collagen production for firmer more youthful facial contours, speed-up cell & collagen increase the elasticity in the eye contour while reducing eye bags and problems such as dark rings & fine firming and sparkling eye contour.
  3. Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Effect - 24k gold eye mask crystal gel depuffing under eye mask deep moisturizes the eye area, stimulates cellular regeneration of tired skin, anti-wrinkle formula helps to rejuvenate the skin for perfect wrinkle smoothing. Suitable for home use hot or cold and perfect for any skin types.
  4. Absorbs Easily On The Skin - Collagen eye mask, most of its essences will be absorbed directly and fully by your skin, and no rinse required after using. The eye mask will gradually be dissolved under body temperature and permeate quickly into the skin, providing the nutrients and moisture needed, complete the eye nutrition.
  5. Gold Under Eye Patches For Men & Women - Whether you want to look 10 years younger, move on from having panda eyes or to simply remove puffiness for an event, this Gold Eye Mask is here to your rescue. Best part is, even men can benefit from using these under eye gel patches regularly. Our gold eye-shaped hydrogels makes it easy for the patch to stay on the skin and reach areas around the eye for more concentrated care.
  6. Easy To Use - Brush skin around the eyes, hydrate skin around the eyes and keep it elastic and smooth. Easy to use and convenient, you do not have to worry about applicators or other tools, just pull the eye mask out of the packaging and apply it.


  • Item Form: Patch
  • Product Benefits: Puffiness, Brightening, Smoothening, Revitalization, Tightening, Nourishing, Dark Circles, Wrinkles Treatment, Revitalization, Fine Lines Treatment
  • Scent: Fresh
  • Material Type Free: Alcohol Free, Silicone Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free
  • Skin Type: All

TIPS: Before using it, please test the product on the root of the ear first. If discomfort arises, please do not use the product and email-us to get the solution or seek the assistance of a dermatologist.

Vanelc 24K Gold Eye Patches, 30 Pairs Travel Size Pack

  1. Package Included: 30 Pairs Under Eye Masks
  2. Hydrates & Moisturizes Under-Eye Area
  3. Smooths Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  4. Reduces Bags Under Eyes
  5. Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness
  6. Increases Skin Firmness & Elasticity
  7. Boost Skin Collagen Production
  8. Helps Prevent the signs of Skin Aging
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